macOS 上 my.cnf 文件的位置

本教程将介绍macOS 上 my.cnf 文件的位置的处理方法,这篇教程是从别的地方看到的,然后加了一些国外程序员的疑问与解答,希望能对你有所帮助,好了,下面开始学习吧。

macOS 上 my.cnf 文件的位置 教程 第1张


I'm trying to follow along this tutorial to enable remote access to MySQL. The problem is, where should my.cnf file be located? I'm using Mac OS X Lion.


This thread on the MySQL forum says:

OS X provides example configuration files at /usr/local/mysql/support-files/.

And if you can't find them there, MySQLWorkbench can create them for you by:

    Opening a connection

    Selecting the 'Options File' under 'INSTANCE' in the menu.

    MySQLWorkbench will search for my.cnf and if it can't find it, it'll create it for you

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