SQL 语句忽略 where 参数

本教程将介绍SQL 语句忽略 where 参数的处理方法,这篇教程是从别的地方看到的,然后加了一些国外程序员的疑问与解答,希望能对你有所帮助,好了,下面开始学习吧。

SQL 语句忽略 where 参数 教程 第1张


SELECT * FROM people 
AND MATCH (lname,fname) AGAINST ('+massive' IN BOOLEAN MODE) 
OR (fname LIKE '%box%' OR lname LIKE '%box%') 

This query is allowing results to filter through other than those of university='2' how would I update this so it strictly only shows results where university = 2

The reason I have combined fulltext search with LIKE is because of the minimum letter count that full text search has and because I am on a shared hosting plan I am unable to modify the settings. As a result I have combined both full text and LIKE in order to accommodate


Fix your parentheses

SELECT * FROM people 
 AND (MATCH (lname,fname) AGAINST ('+massive' IN BOOLEAN MODE) 
OR fname LIKE '%box%' 
OR lname LIKE '%box%') 

AND has higher precedence than OR, so university = '2' was only being combined with MATCH, not with the fname/lname tests.

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